Feathers QAL – Blocks A & B (and a few more tips on planning)

Feathers QAL – Blocks A & B (and a few more tips on planning)

Happy New Year!!!

I don’t know about you but I haven’t sewn on my machine in a few weeks.  We were plagued with bad colds and then the infamous stomach bug.  I am looking forward to getting back to the routine of school (for the littles) and designing/sewing.

Are you guys psyched about the quilt along?

Karen, Alison and I get so excited when I see a #feathersQAL tag or when someone uses the linky to post their images.  Which reminds me…

Have you linked up?



I will announce the winner on January 10,14… so don’t delay!


We have a total of 8 (A B) blocks to work on this week.

I will be working on my inverted feathers plan using Alissa Haight Carlton’s new color collection of In the Beginning – Modern Solids…


Photo Dec 20, 3 50 46 PM

The fabric is a crossweave and is so soft and lux. I am smitten.  The grey is much more neutral then the picture shows.  I am pretty excited to step out of my Navy, Purple, Grey… Dark Blue…. COOL colored comfort zone.

With that being said… don’t forget that I am doing this inverted… please don’t get confused if mine look different then yours. :-)



If your plan has specific spots for specific fabrics, I highly recommend that you label your map and your blocks in some way to help remind you of where things go.  Its really easy to forget what goes where… TRUST ME.

I drew up a quick messy example of something I used… Symbols and numbers so you know the exact spot to place your block.  This will come in handy when you are working on all the same blocks at the same time.

FeathersPatternBlockMAPsymbols Untitled-1

It will also give you the ability to stack and put away your blocks for a later date… Because who wants their floor looking like this for the next month… I assure you hubby was not thrilled.


If you are worried about mixing up the order of the fabric… PIN it to the paper.  Then stack and worry a ton less.


**added at 1:30AM so please forgive me if this ends up being confusing… overtired blogging… is that like drunk texting?… ** I just realized tonight how ridiculous  my chart using symbols and numbers is… You can totally just number the blocks… like I did tonight… Silly me… making it more complicated then it needed to be… please excuse my late night awful lite photos… the first one is the block map with my numbering… and then I showed i just numbered what block it was … ALSO since I am only working with 4 colors i just assigned a number to the color… so thats why you see the 1, 1, 1 , 2…

Photo Jan 02, 11 05 09 PM Photo Jan 02, 11 04 47 PM


Oh right you want to see my A and B blocks huh… well if you look… then you have to share your blocks with me… in the Alison Glass Flickr group or using #feathersqal on instagram. OR email them to me :-) I just really want to see.  January 10th we will be announcing what the grand prizes are… WOOT WOOT.

Dont forget my blocks are going to look different then yours… (Lame picture again…sorry)


Karen’s are AMAZING aren’t they!!!


9 Responses to Feathers QAL – Blocks A & B (and a few more tips on planning)

  1. Teresa Vaughan says:

    Do you have a pattern.

  2. Laurie says:

    Wow- the ideas are all awesome. I love what others are doing and might prefer mixing up prints from my stash to do something different than what I have chosen….. Must decide soon though!

  3. Jacey says:

    I’m excited to get started! I had to order additional background fabric, but I’m hoping it will arrive this weekend. I hope you and your family are feeling better!

  4. Jehnny says:

    Pin the fabric to the paper! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that!? Thank you!! Are you doing two quilts? Wow! I also thought of doing an inverted design, but since I haven’t even got my background choice decided or anything even printed out or cut, I think I’ll keep it simple and straight forward so I actually get something done!

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  7. Mara says:

    My husband would kill me if I laid it out on the floor, although he would probably be happy that I would have swept and mopped before doing so :) Sorry for being late to link up but I was waiting for my background fabric to arrive, it still has not, I hope it won’t be to long, I don’t want to get to far behind.

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